This a blog dedicated to all things New Who. It is not a personal blog. It is run by professional Whovian Rebecca. It consists mainly of photos, videos, and quotes, however there are often articles as well. Occasionally during Hiatus a Doctor Who trivia contest is thrown, the reward being a promotion of the winners blog on this blog and a donation to the winners charity of choice. Equal attention is given to both RTD-Who and Moffat-Who. Enjoy!
Heck Ya Doctor Who

Doctor Who 8x02 New Promo #2 - Into the Dalek

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Anonymous: I dont think it was a coincidence. Most likely planned

You think so? Writers don’t usually make decisions like release dates. That’s the business managers job.

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How freaking much of a coincidence is this????

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Textpost Edits: Tenth Doctor edition

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doctor who + text posts (1/2)

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The many faces of Doctor Who by Matthew Brazier

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The many faces of Doctor Who by Matthew Brazier

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Anonymous: So I very, very recently started watching Doctor Who and I was just wondering if it's normal that pretty much every episode rips my heart out, chews it up, spits it out, and stomps on it a few times just for good measure.

That about sums it up pretty well.

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Twelve’s chalk thing! 83[x]

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Twelve’s chalk thing! 83

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